Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Decorations

Can you remember when you were just a child and you had thought of just how your wedding day would be? You envisioned exchanging your vows on the sand with the waves crashing behind, as the wind blows gently against your gown. The aromatic smell of the salt fills the air. The sun sets over the hills as the gleaming stars fill the night sky. A day you could only imagine in a dream; a day to end all days and a day to begin the rest of your life.

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Writing a Wedding Speech to Toast the Bride & Groom

Over the centuries, many romantic situations have been enhanced when one of the parties to the affair was able to augment his meager words with those from one more articulate. During the event of a wedding, there are numerous opportunities for the use of custom-written speeches and toasts. In many instances this can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one!

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Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding Reception

Providing alcohol to your guests is strictly a decision for you and your fiance to make. Just because other couples allow alcohol at their weddings doesn't mean you must follow their lead. If you are uncomfortable with the extra expense, responsibility, and obligations that come with serving liquor, you should consider substituting champagne and wine with sparkling grape wine or a mixed punch. Many brides & grooms have chosen this simpler path.

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