Ice Sculptures at Your Wedding Reception

An ice sculpture at a wedding reception can be elegant, dramatic or fun. Some couples display their sculptures in the foyer, on the gift table, on one end of the bridal table, or alongside the cake.

The size and layout of the room should also influence your decision on where to place your sculpture. The design of the sculpture could weigh approximately 150 to 200 pounds, so a table is needed to support this weight.

Seeking referrals from family and friends is a good place to start. You can also look for an ice sculptor in your area by searching the website of The National Ice Carving Association ( This site has registered international members as well as those in the United States.

Ice carvers suggest that you call as soon as you decide to have an ice sculpture at your reception. They will ask you for a deposit to secure your date on their calendar. They give you the choice either hand carved sculptures of crystal clear ice or the more popular molded sculptures, which can be colored to suit the room or theme of the reception. They ask you to browse through their online ice gallery for ideas and pricing. Custom designs are welcome. As well as your sculpture, the price includes on time delivery and set up, and a self-contained drip tray.

The ice sculptures are usually designed on 300 pound ice blocks. The dimensions are approximately 40" high x 20" wide x 10" in depth. One block ice sculptures range from $250 - $350, and vary depending on the style you select. Delivery charges will be added if traveling expenses are incurred.

Ice sculptures set up indoors will last approximately 5-8 hours. The larger the piece, the longer it lasts. As the ice melts, water is collected in the self-contained drip tray. The company will provide baby's breath and greens to cover the tray so it will not be visible. On request, they also offer flower arrangements, candles, balloons, and table swans to adorn your ice sculpture. The also rent lovely pedestals, which make an elegant display and give the ice sculpture more height.

The classic swan is one of the most requested ice sculptures for wedding receptions.