Wedding Reception Checklist

After the great event of your life, i.e., the wedding, the other event which follows it is the reception, which is also an equally important function.

Your wedding reception checklist should have the following details. They are as follows:

Date, Time and Venue

The date and time of the wedding reception, bride and the groom's first and last name, the time of the arrival time of the guests and then the newly wedded couple in the reception hall/hotel.

Booking of the reception hall or hotel should be booked in advance, at least 6 to 8 months in advance.

Decoration includes the decoration of the entrance, the hall, the stage, the wedding cake table, the guest book table, the gift table and the dinner table.

Seating Arrangement

Proper care should be taken while making the seating arrangement of all the guests, the number of guests in the head table and the number of guest in the reserved tables to be finalized. Guest book table and the gift table to be decorated and placed in the correct location.

Wedding Cake

Bakers name and their phone numbers with the estimates and book the date. The decoration of the cake table, the knife, the name of the VIP assisting in cutting the cake should be given a proper thought and well intimated to the concerned person. Wedding cake should be served as desert.

Toast and Dinner

Whether wine or champagne is served as toast in the reception or should it be after dinner should be planned. What indicators will be there for the selection of the dinner?

Caterers, reception menu, head count deadline, menu select deadline, deposit deadline, final payment deadline should be given proper care.


Photographer, videographers, florist and their names, contact numbers should be completed. Order for the balloons, decorations and favors should be selected and purchased months in advance. Date of the honeymoon and the date of return from honeymoon, the bride's as well as the groom's names and contact numbers, their parent names and contact numbers should be kept.


Make all the transportation arrangement to and from the wedding and the reception. Consider hiring a limousine or party bus for the out of town guests. Parking space, valet parking should be taken into account. The date for the rehearsal dinner should be finalized. In case it is rainy season, check with the med department and plan the wedding in an open lawn of the hotel or alternate indoor arrangement can be organized.

Once all these are taken into account, the bride, the groom, their parents can relax and enjoy the reception. As the couple enters the reception hall, standing ovation with the band playing the song etc gives a great feeling of joy and happiness to everyone.