Tips for Making Your Wedding Reception Less Expensive

Weddings have been known to break the bank on many occasions. Something about the planning makes couples go crazy and they often end up spending far more than they had originally planned. So, how do you have a wonderful reception after your ceremony without spending a fortune? There are plenty of tips that can help you stretch your money while still making sure that your guests have a great time. Some of the most common cost cutting ideas can be found below.

Hire a DJ

Live bands can be costly and often charge per hour for their services. While a band is a wonderful addition to any reception, hiring a DJ can be done for far less and can still provide guests with lively entertainment. They can gather a list of any songs you would like or you can leave the decision up to them and let them compile a customized list according to the genres that you choose. This is a simple way to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your wedding reception costs.

Cut Out Expensive Items

There are many expensive extras that can often be eliminated from a reception to drastically reduce costs. For instance, you can reduce costs simply by getting rid of servers and others whose service is not really necessary. Having a buffet style meal ensures that guests are able to get their own food without needing to be weighted on. Items such as chair covers are also unneeded extras that can be cut if money is a problem.

Consider Cutting Back on Food

Food can be one of the most costly items when it comes to a wedding reception. Some couples go all out with servers in tuxedos and gourmet food provided by a high cost caterer. If you are looking to save some money, there are many ways to cut back on the food costs. A buffet style meal consisting of lower cost seafood, cuts of beef or chicken is a wonderful way to provide your guests with a full meal without the record breaking costs. Additionally, you can consider having an early evening or late afternoon reception and only providing appetizers to your guests instead of a full meal.

Discuss Decoration Alternatives

Decorations are another major cost when it comes to planning a reception. Fresh cut flowers and elaborate displays can increase your costs quickly, as can expensive place settings, linens and china. Consider using candles as a low cost but beautiful alternative to flower arrangements or choose a pre-decorated location where the natural beauty or decorations can be used instead of pricey options that you must pay for.

Many people put themselves into debt paying for a wedding ceremony and reception. It doesn't have to be that way though. There are a variety of ways that couples can cut the cost of their wedding reception. By using tips like those listed above, you can easily trim off some wayward costs from your reception budget.