Spotlight on the Carnival Wedding

The beginning of anything always matters. Having a memorable wedding is always a great way to start a happy marriage. Weddings celebrate the beginning of a deeper union so don't deprive yourself and your future spouse the festivities.

A carnival or circus-inspired wedding will leave guests stunned and the couple beaming with pride. You can unleash your fiery, fun, and whimsical side in planning a carnival wedding. It brings out the carefree and youthful side of everyone, regardless of the age. You don't have to bring in lions and elephants to pull off a carnival or circus-inspired wedding but tweaking some wedding elements will do the job.

Carnivals are all about exaggerated and fun colors. Think of loud color combinations, such as hot pink, aqua blue, gold, and white. The yellow and white stripes with red lining combination are also a hit color scheme choice. One advantage of the carnival theme is that it isn't very strict with color combination. As a matter of fact, it is highly encouraged to be bold and risky. If you like pastel colors, mix them with bold colors.

The whole venue can be one big tent with bold stripes, ornamented with brightly colored festoons. Tables should be covered with bright tablecloths. Centerpieces can be equally brightly colored balloons, with complementary popcorn served in conventional popcorn tumblers. Licorice can accompany the popcorn, as well as cotton candy.

As the guests enter, ushers can provide huge and flamboyant headdresses. This should be indicated in the invitation. The invitations can be in two-toned colors, accented with a sparkling hue.

If you can afford to hire a horse, go ahead and hire one for the photo shoot sessions. Just allot a certain time window for the photo taking sessions to keep the horse from getting exhausted. Along with that, hire 2-3 people dressed as clowns, show girls, or acrobats for the photo session. Perhaps, you can ask them to perform a few tricks to keep the guests entertained.

Provide ample games and carnival activities of your guests. If you have a wedding party of 200 guests, 3-4 game concessionaires should suffice. Men would love to play darts, especially if it involves popping balloons. You may also want a fortune teller, magic show, and a stationary pony ride for children. You can ask your wedding organizers to halt the operations of these concessionaires during the ceremony or when one of the members of the wedding party is giving the speech.

If you feel excited while reading this, imagine the elation when all of these come true to life.