Writing a Wedding Speech to Toast the Bride & Groom

Over the centuries, many romantic situations have been enhanced when one of the parties to the affair was able to augment his meager words with those from one more articulate. During the event of a wedding, there are numerous opportunities for the use of custom-written speeches and toasts. In many instances this can turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one!

There are many historical precedents. For example, during colonial times, there was the story of John and Priscilla Alden made famous in Longfellow's poem, "The Courtship of Miles Standish." Standish was enamoured with Priscilla Mullins. Since he considered himself a man of action not of words, he asked his friend John Alden to convey his sentiments to Priscilla hoping to win her affections through John's articulate words. Unfortunately for Standish, it was Alden who ultimately won Priscilla's heart. Whereupon she spoke the famous words, "Speak for yourself John." In the end, Alden rather than Standish became Priscilla's husband.

A similar fictional story is the famous tale of Cyrano de Bergerac. To those familiar with it, it describes a similar instance of a person hiring someone more skilled in communication to better express their sentiments.

For many years, people have tried using a famous love poem or familiar verse at their wedding. Sometimes they use a favorite popular song, a well-loved hymn or a line from a movie.

In each instance, they are trying to adapt a poetic line or artistic phrase to their event. Sometimes this works, but in many instances it seems hackneyed and trite. It is like using a greeting card as a substitute for a personal letter.

How much better would it be to commission a custom-written poem or speech to more closely approximate your situation? That would incorporate specific details of your experiences together. It would better convey the exact flavor of your unique relationship. This is where a freelance poet can help.

Jane Smith (not her real name) tried to write a poetic wedding toast for her best friend. After hours of trying, she remained speechless. A freelance poet on the Internet came to the rescue. Jane told the poet everything she could about her best friend and what they had experienced together. The result was a meaning-packed speech that took the wedding party's breath away. It added a special touch that her words could not convey. The modest cost was more than compensated by the joy it added to the event.

The benefit of having a custom-written poem or speech may in some instances extend beyond the wedding itself. This was the case with John from California. He approached me to write a wedding poem when he was asked to be Best Man at his son's wedding. Too busy to prepare a poem himself, he delegated the work to me. After the wedding, he said the following, "This is going to be a great memento as the years goes by for all of us; not to mention the children who I am sure will result. And you and I will have left a legacy for generations to come."

Because every wedding is unique, it needs distinctive touches to individualize it. A custom-written poem is an easy way to add that special touch.

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