Key West Weddings

If you are engaged and are planning for your wedding and you are that person, who does not like a regular traditional wedding setup or a ceremony. You may want to escape to a warm, tropical and a romantic destination for your dream wedding.

Approach a wedding agent close to you and ask him, if he can tell a destination for your dream wedding. Don't be surprised, if he first suggests you to think about going for a Key West Wedding.

Key West is known as the island of paradise, especially for lovers and it is at the west end of Florida. Key West Weddings are well known and undoubtedly the island is a chosen favorite for many couples who dream to have their wedding in an exotic place.

Key West has a lot to offer ranging from exotic tropical beaches to gardens to resorts to beach cottages and to guesthouses that will enable you to plan a memorable and your once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

The idea of getting wedded in a tropical beach, when the sun is setting down, as if it's blessing you, and then the moon rising above with the twinkles showering best wishes on the wedded couple is just poetic, but then possible with Key West Weddings. The place offers ones creativity to run wild and as you go to the place you feel you can have a wedding on a beach or aboard a sailboat or even a cruise or a formal resort style wedding.

For the adventure freaks, Key West offers underwater wedding themes too. If the couple is diving experts, they can think of getting wedded underwater. There are several agents, who can assist for this kind of a theme in Key West.

The idea of exchanging vows underwater may sound eccentric for a few but definitely out-of-box and extremely adventurous for those who embrace them. What more? There are several dive charter companies, who would be willing to arrange the wedding ceremony for you. Surprisingly, you may hit the headlines of a local newspaper too and you get into limelight without anticipation and efforts even.

Christ of the Deep is the spot, where underwater weddings happen at Key West. Christ's statue lifting his arms to heavens from beneath the waves is just lovely and you won't ask for more.

Many places at Key West offer wedding packages including wedding ceremony, reception, photography and music. Although, the license to get married costs around $100, the place asks for no blood tests and there is absolutely no waiting period. This makes the place best for those lazy buffs or even busy persons, who could not plan in advance for their wedding. But book your reservations etc in advance to have a lovely experience of Key West wedding.