Different Wedding Reception Themes

There are many gorgeous wedding reception themes to highlight your entire wedding. The wedding reception is a memorable and cherished event that comes once in a lifetime, so choose the best reception theme. Everyone has a unique, perfect wedding description; express your thought and ideas at your own reception. The central idea, or theme, for the reception is most important. Following are some of the most popular wedding reception themes.

Traditional Period

This is the most popular theme of all time. Even if you are unable to hire a castle for the event, there is always a wish deep down in our hearts to celebrate this special event with royal magnificence. In this theme the dress is very formal and feeling is very grandeur. The majestic mood is reflected right from the very beginning to grand church, venue of reception and décor with lots of frills. Flowers arrangements and lighting are sober to compliment the special theme. Classical dance and music are the right choice for the event. Traditional food & wine is proficiently served in the white crockery with silver cutlery and classic glasses.

Country-Side Theme

This is a great way to celebrate the free spirit with an open heart. Country style has many interpretations. For example, the theme varies from region to region, the Spanish, British, French, German, or Mediterranean. You have the option to be extravagant or minimal. It is recommended to utilize natural surroundings. Traditional flowers and decorations compliment this theme. Food and wine is served according to the atmosphere of the reception. It could be Mexican, Italian or French.

Sea Side

A marine style reception theme is quite an innovative concept. The blue color is a prominent feature of this theme and highlighted and used in different shades. The décor reflects love for marine life in various ways. The beach or venue overlooking the sea is the best option for this wedding. You can also try for places like a boat house, harbor, or cruise ship for this event. You can innovatively use the marine life such as sea shells, fish, plants, mermaids, crystals, and interesting rocks. It is important to remain subtle in this style, for example you should serve the seafood but the option for other mainstream foods should be there to accommodate all guests.

Modern Chic

This is urban approach; cosmopolitan look is prominent throughout the reception. Things are included to create dramatic effect. The modern wedding reception is a clean and clutter free idea. The line, shape, light, color, texture, and balance of each element is the significant aspect of this theme. The colors are muted and a futuristic feel is there. It is a daring approach but if you accomplish it successfully there is nothing like it.

Garden or Tent (Outside)

A garden or outside wedding is a great idea if you have pleasant weather. You can easily fulfill your wish for garden even if you do not have a big garden. Just ask the garden of your desire to provide the venue for your wedding reception. You will be surprised that the management of such places is very friendly and welcoming. Most will let you celebrate your special day. However, it's your responsibility to ensure that you leave the place in perfect condition.

If you have the chance to be part of a historic or beautiful setting there is nothing like it. If bad weather is your concern can always use a tent for the outdoor reception. It means you have to arrange lighting. Outdoor events are a challenge, but you must make sure it becomes the most memorable day of your life.

Seasonal Celebrations

Seasons make an impact in our lives. You can celebrate the seasonal presence in the reception. This could be a wonderful way to reflect the day in the colors, light, and beauty of the season. The food could include seasonal delicacies. Today, all type of wine, meat, vegetable and fruit is available through out the year. However, there is a time when they are the best and freshly available. Do a little research and find what's in season. You might be surprised to find that locally prepared meals and foods come at better value and are more fresh.

Whatever theme you choose, always keep in mind the timeframe, material, suppliers, and budget.