Wedding Table Decorations

So you are finally starting to plan all the details of your weddings. There are so many tasks that can take up your time. One of the major things that worry couples is the minute things, such as flower selection, party favors, and overall theme. However. once most of these details are ironed out, the little things start to come out.

When a theme is selected, the hall then needs to be decorated. After the hall is decorated, you have to worry about the reception. When sitting at tables as well as dancing and socializing, your guests will notice this environment as much as they noticed the church. However, I think that one of the main pieces will be the table centerpieces.

Floral Arrangements

One of the most traditional choices for table centerpieces is the floral arrangements. It seems as though they are the easiest to match to any theme.

The first decision you need to make is whether the flowers will be real or fake. Both options are equally as lovely, however some couples decide that they don't want to be stuck with hundreds of artificial flowers. On the other hand, couples also choose not to throw out hundreds of real flowers.

Another thing to debate when thinking of flowers are the amount, color, as well as whether ribbons and other greenery will be used. Of course all of these options are decided by your preference.

The final step, after deciding on an arrangement, is deciding what type of vase they will be placed in. Remember that the vase decided on is what can bring the arrangement together.


Another option for a table arrangement is candles. Candles can be an exciting option to add to a room. They can add fragrance as well as light. Or candles can simply be for decoration.

The two major things to think about when deciding upon candles are fragrance and how they will be displayed. If the candles are to be burned, then fragrance is the next option that should be decided. Just remember that fragrance can affect the color, so if a couple is set on a fragrance, the color might have to be changed.

The second option is generally pretty easily taken care of. Presentation of candles is usually in glass holders to optimize burning, or the display.

I hope that you have found a simple solution to arranging the tables. The trick to decoration is to match your surroundings as well as please the eye. Just look around and settle when you are finally happy with your decisions.