Choosing the Wedding Location

When you plan your wedding, you have to consider the time of the year that you will have the wedding and this will help you decide where you can have the wedding. Will you have an outdoor wedding location, indoor wedding or maybe mixed locations?

It is not uncommon to have ceremony outside and a reception indoors or the reception outdoors and the wedding indoors. You can choose any location you want depending on the time of year when your wedding is held. Just remember that where you have your wedding ceremony should not be a long distance from your reception if you have a lot of out of town guests.

Outdoor Location Weddings

The outdoor wedding location is popular during the late spring and summer months. You can marry in a gazebo and have a reception at the same place if the location is in a park setting. This type of setting is idea for any type of wedding. You could hire a caterer for the dinner or maybe have a cookout. Outdoor wedding and receptions are becoming more popular for the cost. It is also a way to avoid changing your wedding date if the reception halls are all booked.

Indoor Wedding Locations

Indoor weddings and receptions are still common, especially if you do not know for sure what the weather will be on the day that you marry. The last thing that a bride wants to happen is rain on her wedding day. This is why many couples prefer the indoor weddings and receptions. There are no worries about what the weather will be on that day. Indoor wedding also mean that you can decorate more and have live entertainment and a dance floor. However, some couples prefer outdoor and indoor weddings and receptions.

Mixed Wedding Locations

You could have the wedding ceremony indoors and have the reception outdoors. This is becoming more common with brides that choose theme weddings. They can also have the ceremony outdoors the reception indoors. Then there are halls that have outdoor and indoor seating. If the time of year is spring or summer, you might want to book a hall where your guests can be indoors or outdoors during the reception. This is especially nice if you have smokers and want a smoke free wedding reception indoors. You could accommodate everyone on your guest list. Those that want to be in the fresh air can still be a part of the festivities while those that prefer to be indoors can be.

Whether you have a ceremony and reception indoors or outdoors, you can still have a beautiful wedding day. You might choose to have the ceremony outdoors and the reception or at least the dinner indoors. It is your wedding day and whatever you want is what matters. Sometimes, getting married outdoors and having the reception in the same place is much easier to plan. Your guests will enjoy the day with you no matter where you have the wedding location and reception. After all, it is your wedding day.