Funny Wedding Toasts

It is believed that getting married is a changeover of a person's life and that it can be quite a stressful change for a person. But making a wedding speech can be even more stressful event, especially when it comes to deliver in front of a newlywed and wedding guests.

To stand and then deliver a speech in front of your wedding guests can be a nerve-racking experience if you are not prepared for one. Remember that you can read out a memorable wedding toast by being at ease, staying confident, humorous, poised and heartfelt.

Write down the speech, and as rule of the thumb, let it be short and crisp. If it's longer than two pages, then it can be boring to the listeners.

It should start with the introduction of who you are and also how you are related to the newlywed bride or the groom. If you are a best man or maid of honor, thank the groom and the bride and their parents.

Tell a funny incident involving the bride or the groom, but it should be clean and not embarrassing. Remember to speak out your heart and leave any rivalries aside. Write down great and funny wedding quotes and neatly space them in between the speech to make it funny.

Thank everyone at the wedding including the wedding officiant and reading out a wedding speech does not mean you have right to offend anyone. Also, do not bring out rivalries into a wedding speech. It will not be appreciated by anyone. Bring up and relive great funny moments involving the bride or the groom and it will be surely appreciated by the audience.

Sometimes, person delivering a wedding speech will throw few good one-liners to the audience to add that element of fun and humor, and remember if these are delivered well, they can be very effective. One important point that goes with humor in a wedding speech is that you practice your speech in front of a mirror or a small gathering of your friends before you directly speak in front of a big gathering.

Finally, propose the toast by lifting the glass and say cheers to the newlywed couple. A funny punch line can be added before proposing the toast and it will descend the real party mood. Remember that a funny wedding toast will be remembered forever and you too for delivering a wonderful speech.