Questions to Ask When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Weddings are one of, if not the most important event in your life, which is why you need to take the time to carefully plan the details. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is the venue where the wedding will be held. This article lists down five questions you will want to ask yourself when choosing a venue.

Listed below are five questions to help you in choosing whether the venue you're considering getting is the right place for your wedding to be held.


Do you want your wedding ceremony and the reception to be held in the same venue? What exactly you will be using the venue for will determine which place you will need to get. If you want the ceremony and the reception to be held in the same place, make sure that it will be able to fulfill everything that is needed for these two functions. For example, if you plan on having dancing during the reception, make sure that the venue will have a large enough floor space that can serve as the dance floor.


What are the charges? How much will you need to pay in order to rent the venue? Make sure to look at any miscellaneous fees and hidden charges that may be included in the bill, including parking fees, corkage for food, and other such possible charges.

Guest Count

How many guests are you expecting to attend your wedding? The number of guests you plan on having will determine the size of the venue you will be getting. You wouldn't want your guests to literally be shoulder-to-shoulder with each other because you chose a too-small venue to have your wedding.

In-House Caterer

Do you have a caterer, or do you want to hire an in-house caterer? You can ask the venue if they have an in-house caterer so you will know if you will need to bring someone from outside to cater the food for you.


Is the venue easy to find? Make sure that the venue you choose is easy enough to find so that your guests will not have a difficult time in finding it.

Choosing the venue for a wedding can be a very difficult choice to make, especially for those who are not used to planning events. By using these questions as a guide in choosing the right wedding venue for you, you can have an easier time in choosing where your wedding will take place.