Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Decorations

Can you remember when you were just a child and you had thought of just how your wedding day would be? You envisioned exchanging your vows on the sand with the waves crashing behind, as the wind blows gently against your gown. The aromatic smell of the salt fills the air. The sun sets over the hills as the gleaming stars fill the night sky. A day you could only imagine in a dream; a day to end all days and a day to begin the rest of your life.

Now the day has finally arrived and your vision is about to become a reality. More questions than answers on whether an outdoor wedding is still right for you. What if it rains? What if my guests are cold? What if the wind blows up my dress? What if my heel gets stuck in the sand? What if?

Turning Your Dream into Reality

With careful planning your vision can be a reality. To help you decide if you should have your wedding outdoors, there are some important notes to keep in mind.

Whether you hold your wedding in the park, on the beach, or in your backyard, the right location may be able to accommodate your ceremony and reception at the same site.

An outdoor wedding brings the feeling of charm and casualness

You may also be able to lessen costs on flowers and d飯r. The outdoor atmosphere creates its own ornamental surrounding. However, to create the perfect atmosphere you may want to include chair decorations, topiaries, columns, aisle bows or ceremony arch; when carefully placed it will turn any location into a unique setting.

Other advantages of an outdoor wedding include the following:

  • Convenience for your guests; not requiring them to travel from one location to another.
  • Saving money by only having one location for both the ceremony and reception.
  • Uniqueness of outdoor locations is unlimited and can give your event a bit more luster.

By observing the following creative, practical tips, you will be well on your way to achieving a stress-free, outdoor wedding.

Lighting That Won't Interfere With Your Event or Guests

If possible visit your location a year in advance, during the same month, to see where your guest will be seated. Make sure you know the answers to the following list of questions regarding the lighting of your event:

  • Will your guest be looking directly into the sun?
  • Will the sun affect your photographer's ability to take photographs?
  • What time will the sun set?
  • Will you need additional lighting after the sunsets?
  • Is the path to the parking area well lit for your guests to return to there vehicles?

For added lighting, Japanese lanterns, ground luminaries, and candles on the guest tables will give your reception an air of enhancement.

Preparing for Bad Weather Conditions

Have an alternative plan arranged just in case of bad weather. This could be the rental of a tent, moving to an inside area, or changing locations.

Check tent rental prices prior to planning an outdoor wedding to prevent last minute shock. Just knowing your options will alleviate those unnecessary worries to keep your mind at ease.

If the forecast plans for hot weather, tables with umbrellas are a popular item to add shade; most importantly the cake table to lessen the chances of a possible meltdown.

Have a beverage station set up: a small table with pitchers of ice water, sliced lemons, and some plastic cups for your guests as they arrive.

Let your guests know that your reception will be held outdoors and to wear appropriate attire.

The experience of a caterer or wedding coordinator will be able to offer other options that may be available to you.

Protecting Your Table Settings from the Wind

Be aware that even a slight breeze will blow out candles. Votive holders, hurricane lamps, or fishbowls will help keep your candles lit.

To prevent table coverings from flailing use heavy table items, such as a large or weighted vases; pin everything down that can be pinned.

To increase the comfort level for your guests add space heaters between each table, next to beverage stations, and near the dance floor.

Dealing with Pest: Bugs, Bees, and Birds

These uninvited pests may cause discomfort for many guests if it not taken into consideration before booking your event location. Verify with your location manager what type of creatures that may interfere with your special day.

Abiding by Noise Restrictions

Amplified music may not be allowed at some outdoor locations or there may be a curfew to end your event. Some locations have unreasonably low music volume restrictions. Read you contact terms and conditions if loud noise may be of concern.

Providing Appropriate Accessibility for Your Disabled Guests

If you have disabled guests attending your wedding confirm that walkways to the ceremony and reception are easily accessed for wheelchairs and those using the aid of canes. Verify that there are appropriate restrooms available.

Dirt and How it May Interfere with Your Clothes

When choosing your wedding attire take into account the length of dresses and train if you will be walking on dirt or gravel.