Groom's Father Speech Etiquette

A wedding speech is the most important speech in a wedding reception. It depends mostly on the knowledge and material of the speaker. Wedding speeches are given by the bride's father and mother, groom's father and mother and finally by the bride and the bridegroom. It is the biggest moment where the wedding guests will laugh and cheer. It should not make the wedding guests squirm with embarrassment or look at their watches during the speech. Groom's father speech etiquette is even more important in a wedding speech.

The most popular benefits of a wedding speech are it is flexible, adaptable to timetable and confidence. A groom's father should not make any inappropriate remark about anyone for that may ruin the day for the couple. That it is why it is so important for a groom's father to be very careful about what he speaks.

The groom's father may of course be light hearted and witty, it is just a reminder that he should not be funny and hilarious. A good speaker always tailors his wedding speech to the audience.

Weddings are family affairs, where children are present. So the groom's father should not make any smutty jokes. There should not be any comments about the wedding couples' past love life. It is not a time to make any racist or political remarks. The groom's father should not make any reference to previous husbands or wives. He should be careful about mentioning a family death.

A groom's father speech should be warm, polite and positive. He should speak about the virtues and values of his son and his suitability with the bride. It is ideal to mention about the interests, hobbies and their wonderful personalities. He can mention about his son's childhood stories and how he grew up and something that will show his son in a good light. Groom's father speech should be short and sweet. Also it should be touching and personal. His speech should make the wedding couple happy.

Weddings are a happy occasion and the groom's father should follow Groom's father speech etiquette. Above all, the groom's father speech should be gracious and light hearted and no remarks should be made about the personalities present in the wedding. His speech should not make others upset or get offended on such a day. The most important thing in making a groom's father speech more effective is that it should be sincere and interesting.