How to Make Unique Place Card Holders for Your Guests

Place card holders are usually placed in the front of the room as you enter the reception hall so that the guests know which table they will be seated at. You can choose many unique place card holder ideas that you can purchase or make yourself at home.

Do it Yourself Place Card Holders

Your place card holders can be as simple as putting the place cards through the tines of the forks on the tables. You can choose elegant place cards that will look lovely on the tables. If the silverware is going to be wrapped in napkins, you can then add the place card with a silk ribbon that matches the napkin and tie it around the bundles. You can decorate picture frames and put pictures of the guests or you can put a picture of the bride and groom.

There are many craft stores that you can go and browse and find many different materials from which to make place card holders for your wedding reception. They may have wooden cut outs that go well with your wedding theme that you can paint and finish yourself. You can find a place card holder you can make yourself that can hold votive or tea light candles. There is a wide range of possibilities when you want to make your place card holders yourself.

Place Card Holders You Can Buy

If there is money in your budget to buy place card holders, don't hesitate to do so. There are many unique designs and styles you can choose from that will enhance the look of the tables at the reception. You can choose silver fortune cookie place card holders, you can find silver or gold wedding bell place card holders or you can find intertwined hearts to serve as place card holders.

If you are having a destination wedding, a cute idea for your place card holders can be luggage tags that have the guest's names on them. This will be useful well after the wedding is over. Other ideas for a beach or destination wedding are flip flops you can use as place card holders, starfish or seashells. You can choose an Adirondack chair, a purse or leaf design place card holders. There are so many cute choices you may find it difficult to choose just one.