Planning a Beach Wedding

When you are planning a beach wedding, you want to plan for the wedding location, wedding decorations and the wedding favors. A beach wedding is fascinating to plan because you can do so many different things and have the wedding in many different locations.

You can plan a theme wedding on a budget without going over. The theme weddings are becoming more popular and the expense is very low compared to a traditional wedding. You can do so many things for a wedding with a beach theme. Just decide where you want the wedding, the decorations and what favors you need.

Beach Wedding Locations

The location of the beach wedding can be indoors or outdoors. You could have the theme wedding on a beach, in a park setting or indoors with many beach decorations. If you have the wedding outdoors on a beach, you will not need much more than the sand, tent and wedding favors. If you have a beach theme indoors, you can decorate the hall so that it resembles a beach theme. If you have the wedding outdoors, you will want to have a tent set up where guests can eat and get out of the sun.

Beach Wedding Decorations

Beach wedding decorations can include tiki lamps, umbrellas and maybe some beach balls and a volleyball net for a quick game. If you have the wedding on a beach, you will need very little. Indoors, you can decorate with palm trees, tiki lamps (unlit), and even a little sand on the floor. There are so many ways to decorate for an indoor beach wedding. You can hang beach balls from the ceiling, place pictures of beaches on the walls or even have table decorations and wedding favors that represent the theme.

Beach Wedding Favors

The beach wedding favors are going to be hard to choose. You will be able to choose from starfish, little pails with candles, umbrella cardholders, seashells and even beach chairs for holding name cards. There are many wedding favors for the beach theme weddings. The Internet is just one place to find so many different wedding favors for theme weddings. After you see how many there are to choose from, you will want a few of each one. You can have your wedding date and names on each of the wedding favors so no one will forget the day.

When you are planning your beach wedding, you will want to have the decorations, wedding favors and a location that needs little to no decorating. You can have a beautiful wedding on the beach overlooking the water for a beautiful backdrop for pictures. You can have the tiki lamps line the aisle that the wedding party walks down and then move them around for the reception. Once you start planning the beach wedding, you are going to come up with some more ideas that will make the day as beautiful as you want it to be. All you need is a little imagination and your beach wedding will be exciting.