Pack for a Tropical Island Wedding

Tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches and warm temperatures will ensure a memorable wedding, if you're planning to marry in an exotic location. Bring a few swimsuits; they'll surely be used. Also include shorts, tank tops, short-sleeved shirts, sundresses, sandals and a hat. Bring long pants (men) and simple dresses (women) if you plan to dine out in the evening.

The six things you absolutely must bring along for a destination wedding in almost any tropical island are:

  1. Some form of picture ID, preferably passport or driver's license
  2. Certified birth certificate
  3. If divorced, a certified copy of the divorce papers
  4. If widowed a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse
  5. Officially witnessed consent of parent or guardian if under 21 years of age
  6. If your name has been changed, bring the Deed Poll

Bridal consultant and author of Weddings for Dummies Marcy L. Blum notes a rise in destination weddings where a couple invites about 20 of their nearest and dearest for a mini-vacation. "A four-day wedding weekend can cost less than a wedding and reception for 150-200 people at a luxury hotel in New York," says Blum.

You'll show that you like to think outside the box when you plan your destination wedding. And one of the cool things about an intimate little wedding is that you can give more thought, and ask for more quality, in things like your favors. The possibilities expand when your guest count comes in at 20, instead of 200.

You can usually make arrangements for safe transport of your wedding dress in advance if you're flying. First-class cabins have large "coat closets" that can be used for bridal gown storage. If your plane does not have a first-class area, it is highly recommended that you package the dress in a large box and ship it to your destination in advance, carefully packed in tissue to hold its shape.

We have three words for you if the thought of running off to marry on a tropical island sets your heart racing: go for it! First things first, choose the location for your destination wedding. Then, check with local authorities to find out what specific documents are required. After you have had your tropical island wedding, you might want to try having a Las Vegas Honeymoon.