Beach Wedding Reception Ideas

A wedding reception is the event that follows the marriage ceremony. This party is arranged for receiving the newly married. Beach wedding reception ideas are something fascinating which leaves a long lasting memory in the minds of the newly married couple and guests.

It will be a different experience for both the married couple and the guests to have a break from the regular monotonous routine of life in the same tiresome atmosphere. While selecting a beach for wedding reception one should have a clear idea about the pros and cons of it.

One main issue to be kept in mind is it may be difficult to walk in the sand, especially the old people may find it difficult. While deciding on the time of reception, one has to keep in mind the hot sand at noon. So one will have to select a timing either early morning or dusk, when the sand is not so hot.

Additionally, some beaches may have the coral or shells plenty in number and may necessitate wearing sandals. Sun glare, wind and noise are other factors that need to be considered the direction and area for the reception. In some places, a fee may need to be paid to the governing bodies for using the chairs, arches, entertaining activities etc.

Conducting the reception ceremonies a little bit away from the water will be good to avoid few of these problems. The couples and the guest can later go near the water for the photo session. This will be effective to carry out the function effectively without any impediments.

If a couple cannot afford for a wedding reception at a beach or needs to travel a long distance for getting to a beach, then the effect of the beach can be created in the place, where they arrange for the wedding reception itself.

Beach wedding reception ideas will be quite useful then. Find a suitable place that can accommodate the full set up of beach settings. Trucks of sand can be brought in and spread, in order to provide the base for the set. Colorful fishing nets and artificial trees found on the beach will add life to the set up. Even beverage bars similar to that of the real beaches can be arranged.

The features and living beings that are found in the sea shore can be used for further decorations. These may include the use of sea shells, small fishing boats rested on the sand. The feeble sound effects of the movement of the waves and replica of the voice of sea gull adds the natural touch to the situation. Small green pastures of grass can be shown here and there.