4 Tips for Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings can be a wonderful option for those who are working with a small budget, or who wish to have a small wedding in a friendly and intimate setting. Regardless of your reasons for having one, these types of weddings have the ability to be just as romantic and special as the biggest and most elaborate affairs. Below are four amazing tips that can turn your backyard ceremony into a grand event and help to give you the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Keep Size Limitations in Mind

You or a loved one may have a beautiful backyard with gardens and fish ponds all around. This may be the perfect setting for picture taking before or after the wedding and can be a lovely choice for the ceremony. However, it is important to keep size limitations in mind when planning backyard weddings. A yard may seem large to you, but once you figure in chairs, guests, and decorations, you may be left with very little room to move around. Make plans on how many people you can invite and how to best arrange the chairs to avoid stress and hassles later on.

Consider the Weather

One common mistake that is made when it comes to backyard weddings is that the bride and groom forget to factor in the weather. Weather can be a finicky thing and a sky full of sunshine one minute can turn to a downpour the next. Have a backup plan for what will happen if it rains on your bog day. Perhaps setting up tents as a precautionary measure would be an ideal way to have your ceremony in a beautiful outdoor setting without worry of what the elements might do.

Rent Equipment

A good way to add uniformity and elegance to backyard weddings is to bring in rented equipment. Although you might be able to gather enough piece matched chairs and benches for your guests, think about how that is going to look. Is this the way you want your wedding to appear? A selection of beautiful chairs, tables, and white bar stools can be found at many fine stores and party supply rental companies to give your wedding the look and feel it deserves. Since you are saving money on the venue, it may be a good idea to spend some extra funds on rented equipment.

Food and Drink Choices

Many people choose to have backyard weddings in order to save money on their big day. If this is your situation as well, then you can save additional funds by having friends and family members handle the food and drinks for the reception as well. Catering can be expensive and premade foods at the grocery store are not as good as homemade delicacies made by those you know. Since you will be in the backyard, the kitchen and preparation area for the food is only a few feet away in the kitchen of the home, making this a convenient and cost effective option.

Backyard weddings are a life saver and ideal option for those who want a small intimate wedding that will save them money. If you are working with a small budget, it is still possible to have the wonderful wedding of your dreams. The four tips above can help you make the best of a backyard location on your special day.