Rehearsal Dinner Options That Won't Break the Bank

Rehearsal dinners are a tradition that many families still follow and take part in. These dinners are typically held after the wedding rehearsal and are a way to bring family and friends together before the big day and thank them for their help in taking part in the wedding. The dinners can range from small informal affairs to elaborate undertakings that can set a couple or their family members back thousands of dollars. Below are some options for your dinner that will not break your bank, but will still help your loved ones come together and feel special.

Cook Out

Cook outs can be a wonderful alternative to formal rehearsal dinners in warmer months and can help everyone relax before the hectic events of the wedding day. Cook a variety of tasty soul foods on the grill and have drinks available for adults. This “feel good” environment can put everyone at ease, but still provide a great time for everyone involved.

Pot Lucks

If you are working on a really tight budget and no one else is around to pick up the tab, then a pot luck meal might be the way to go for your rehearsal dinner. Perhaps you can provide the meat entrees for the meal and have your friends and family members can bring their favorite side dish or dessert. Although this is certainly not a formal or traditional way to go, it is better than canceling the dinner all together and can still allow the wedding party and family members to come together to celebrate your pending nuptials.

Low Cost Catering

While it is traditionally not considered low cost, catering can be found at a lower price and can provide that formal feel for a rehearsal dinner that many couples are looking for. Many semi-fast food restaurants are not offering platters and trays at very affordable rates for special events. Going with lower cost foods from a regular catering agency can also be an affordable option as well.

Make a Deal

If you are dead set on having your dinner at a sit down restaurant, then it may save you money if you are willing to negotiate a deal. Some restaurants are open to giving discounts for such dinners if there is a set menu for guests to choose from. Often prices can be set per head and give your guests a few options as entrées with a low cost dessert and salad as an appetizer. This option will cost you far less than if your guests ordered al la carte from the regular menu.

You don't have to spend a fortune to entertain your wedding party and family members at a rehearsal dinner. Instead, you can use any of the options above to spoil your loved ones while saving a bit of cash.