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Marriage License Laws

Getting married requires you to get a marriage license. Find out how to apply for your state marriage license today.

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Marriage Name Change Kit

Changing your name because of marriage? Simplify the process by using a self-contained name change kit.

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Wedding Music

Compile a list of wedding ceremony and reception music that must be played on your special day.

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Find Wedding Vendors

Find wedding professionals for your event. From officiants, photographers, to wedding planners.

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Baby Names Dictionary

Search and browse baby names, organized by letter, gender, and popularity. Save your favorites.

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Hidden Wedding Costs to Watch Out For

With the average American wedding estimated at around $31,000 you might want to pay attention to hidden wedding costs before you say I do. In fact, the 31k+ is a bit misleading considering there're so many little things that could take the wedding budget to serious numbers. From taxes, emergency wedding costs, pre-weddings and others mostly not planned for, hidden costs could also come in and leave you with a wedding so expensive getting yourself out of the ropes might take years.

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How to Become a Wedding Officiant?

We're going to discuss the process of getting ordained to legally perform marriages, as well as how to officate a marriage ceremony once you've become an officially licensed wedding officiant. Basically, the before and after. If you've never performed a wedding before, or you only intend to do it one time, you needn't be afraid. Getting ordained and presiding over the actual ceremony is easier than you think.

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Getting Married for Under $1000

Not many people actually believe in getting married without spending an arm and a leg. In modern folklore, the entire wedding entourage cost big money. Most weddings today aren't about the couple getting married but how it will look on video and on photos as well as how the guests and everyone one else was entertained in the best wedding they have ever attended.

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No-Show Wedding Photographer? What do you do?

One of the worst nightmares of a wedding is planning everything to the last detail only for the no-show wedding photographer to really end up, well… not showing up—ever. The thought that the photographer could forget your most important big day is unfathomable and a horrendous proposition worse than a zombie apocalypse on your door.

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Do You Need to Fire Your Wedding Planner?

A wedding brings distinct individuals together with a view to spending their entire lives together. To make it happen there're all kinds of things that have to be planned, organization to be done, and intense planning if you'll have the kind of wedding you've always dreamed about. In all this confusion a wedding planner comes in and takes over with a view to organize everything needed for the big event. A wedding planner releases the bride to concentrate on other small details. For whatever reason, you might find yourself with a wedding planner with almost zero experience and incompetent in every way; incapable of delivering on what you have agreed. That's when you start considering firing the individual for another or take care of things yourself. Nonetheless, you might want to make sure you don't fire your wedding planner at the spar of the moment.

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