Songs by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Love Story

We we're both young when I first saw you… I close my eyes and the flashback starts… I'm standing there on a balcony in… show more

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Rating: 3.92 (12 votes)

Taylor Swift - Our Song

I was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of his car… He's got a one-hand feel on the steering… show more

  • Rated 3.73 out of 4 stars

Rating: 3.73 (11 votes)

Taylor Swift - Picture To Burn

State the obvious… I didn't get my perfect fantasy… I realized you love yourself… More that you could ever love me…… show more

  • Rated 3.67 out of 4 stars

Rating: 3.67 (9 votes)

Taylor Swift - Should've Said No

It's strange to think the songs we used to sing… The smiles, the flowers, everything… Is gone… Yesterday I found out… show more

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Rating: 3.17 (6 votes)

Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw

You said the way my blue eyes shined,… Put those Georgia stars to shame that night… I said: "That's a lie"… Just a boy… show more

  • Rated 3.54 out of 4 stars

Rating: 3.54 (13 votes)