Your Wedding Is Your Own - Personalize It

The fact that the wedding is one of the greatest milestones of every couple should be enough for couples to go all out on their wedding. The wedding is the grand start of a new life together. Brides become "bridezillas" for a reason. They want every single detail ironed out for one of the few days in their lives where they become the stars of the show, alongside the groom, of course. While the bride is normally the one who handles most of the wedding details, even the groom pitches in to successfully make the wedding a couple's occasion.

The simple secret to making the wedding memorable is to be yourselves. Be yourselves as a couple and don't add pretensions that will only make you feel uncomfortable. Are you more of crooners than dancers? If so, don't let the traditional wedding dance hinder you. Replace the first wedding dance with the first wedding song instead. Your guests will look forward to traditional wedding details but you can always surprise them with your own personal touch.

When it comes to fashion, the entire bridal party can wear white while the bride can wear a non-white gown. The bride will still stand out that way, won't she? This is perfect for a non-conformist bride.

Having an outlandish theme will also be a good element for an unforgettable wedding. You may want to go with Lord of the Rings theme if you're a fan and a bookworm. You can have twigs hang down the ceiling of the venue and hire a quartet to play ethereal music. The centerpiece can be a model of a thick tree trunk that's hollow in the middle. That's where you can insert the blooms of your choice.

If you are the disco-loving couple, by all means put a disco ball in the center of the room. Better yet, have your decorator strategically hang down the center of each table. At the tip of each ball (the lower end), have some silvery and shimmery strings hang down. Give away outrageous disco wigs as the guests enter the venue. Just be sure to specify this in your invitation so that they will do their hair accordingly.

Couples who are both scientists can experiment with their drinks. They can set up test tubes and funnels in the bar area and allow the guests to mix their own drinks. They can even provide goggles for fun.

These are just some unique ideas that you can incorporate to personalize your wedding. In the end, it is your day with your partner so let your personalities shine through.