Working Your Way Around Marriage and Finances

One of the most common problems faced by newly married couples is financial management. More often than not, newly weds have a hard time managing their household finances. It is safe to say that financial management is the biggest source of arguments and stress in a marriage, not to mention one of the top five reasons for divorces.

Conflicts arise when one thinks he/she is not earning enough as compared to the other despite the same efforts to earn as much. But naturally there's always two sides to every issue and it is the responsibility of both partners in a relationship to seek answers and settle financial disputes as one. If you are one of the many couples who are having a hard time juggling marriage with your finances, here are three good practices that you can observe in order to effectively manage and strengthen your marriage and finances.


Planning is very important when it comes to handling marriage and finances. In marriage, you have to plan about things that has to be done and anticipate any possible problems that may arise. The same goes in managing your finances. This can be observed whenever the two of you plans on shopping. Before you indulge in a shopping spree, identify the things that are supposed to be on top of your shopping list and think over if buying other things at the moment is part of the plan. Plans are meant to be there for you to see where the money should be appropriately used, and once you're settled with a good plan, it is vital that you stick to it diligently.


Similar to planning, it is also important in effectively managing marriage and finances by setting a particular budget. This budget, just like other concrete plans, should be followed strictly and should always be considered in making any financial decision. Buying things not included in the budget will only create problems as there will come a time when you would no longer be able to purchase your necessities because you've already spent way over your budget and you're left with no funds to work around. Overspending should always be avoided, even though it would cause some hard feelings, because in the long run it will benefit the both of you in numerous ways.


For a marriage to be able to face any financial troubles in the future, married couples must be able to learn the value of saving money. If you want to effectively manage your marriage and finances, practice the value of saving. If you have your savings, you will not go hungry during the rainy days and will be able to get through tough financial difficulties.