Why Couples Opt for Small Weddings?

Weddings are one of the most exciting events that one can plan for. A lot of couples look forward to having the best and most romantic wedding of all. Indeed, to all couples, their wedding day can be considered as the most memorable one in their life as partners. Their wedding also signifies the start of eternity together. There is no doubt that a lot would exert their best just to have the best wedding ever.

However, even though couples want to give everything they have, they should still stay practical. A wedding does not necessarily have to be so big and grand just to be remembered as the most romantic and most memorable one. In fact, a small wedding can provide a lot of benefits to the couple as well as those that help in the preparation.

You might notice that a lot of couples prefer small weddings than big and extravagant ones. A lot opt for DIY or Do-It-Yourself weddings. The main challenge of a big wedding is the cost as well as the very demanding wedding preparations. For couples who wish to save on cash and energy, a small wedding is a popular choice.

You see, with a smaller wedding, you won't have to spend so much. If you are to invite only your family and closest friends, you will have lesser people to give invitations and wedding favors to. The reception will not need to be that costly too.

However, even if you opt for a small wedding, it does not mean that you are gearing for an informal or mediocre-looking one. Actually, a small wedding does not even necessarily mean that it has to be simple. The bride can still wear the best bridal gown and the groom can still be the handsomest of all. You can still have great pictures to look at and you can have the most romantic wedding venue. All you need to do is plan everything smoothly, which you can do more easily and conveniently since it is just a small wedding with small number of guests and most probably a small venue.

Moreover, a small wedding is also considered as more intimate and solemn than a bigger one. After the ceremony, you can entertain the guests easier and you can talk to each one fairly. A small wedding is also less exhausting than a bigger one. Given all these reasons why a small wedding is better than a big wedding ceremony, there is no wonder why a lot go for it.