When it Comes to Marriage: My Mortgage or Yours?

We all get hitched one day and hopefully it will be the happiest days of your lives. Whether it is the full white wedding or a small exclusive wedding at the end of the day it is all the same thing and the most important thing is that you are getting married to the most beautiful and the most important person in the world. A lot of preparation and hard work will go into that wedding and once the honeymoon is over then hopefully the real fun starts.

Okay now that you have done the whole honeymoon thing and everyone is happy and things are slowly getting back to normal. You need to now make some very important and critical decision with your partner about your property and how best you are going to split it or use it or sell it. For instance lets suppose you both have you own houses or condos, you will need to decide which house you will stay in and whether you will sell rent the other one.

Theses decisions are very crucial decisions and they can make or break a relationship. It is always best to make these decisions with your better half and it is best you guys trash it out if need be. Do not leave any hanging loose ends and do not think that these things will sort themselves out because they will not.

If you and your partner fail to agree on what to do it is always best to seek some advice and this can be someone you both trust. Also there is nothing wrong with seeking the services of a professional business or real estate consultant. A professional business consultant can give you very good and sound advice on what to do and how best to do it. There are so many questions and things that need addressing and resolving for newly weds. These are not easy questions but they need to be addressed and resolved.

The issue of your mortgage will need to be addressed and also the issue of do we sell or do we rent will also need to be addressed. These professional business consultants tend to be very good and they will probably give you sound advice on how best to tackle these issues. The important thing is to do this together and to make the decision together. As a couple it is important not to develop a big ego and be not willing to compromise. Everything is about meeting your partner half way and compromising.

Some of the property that they both have may either need to be sold, put up for auction or given away. These are just some suggestions and ideas that the couple may want to consider but at the end of the day the most important thing is that they come to a solution and resolution together and they both are happy with the solution. It is entirely up to them and they need to decide for themselves what to do and how best to do it.