What's Wedding Insurance and Do You need It?

What wedding insurance is, is just what it sounds like--a policy that will protect you from any type of misfortune or mishap that may occur. More brides and grooms are purchasing a wedding insurance policy and they are fairly inexpensive to buy. A policy can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 and can give you or the person paying for the wedding and reception peace of mind should any emergency situation arise.

Is Having Wedding Insurance a Good Idea?

Whether you choose to purchase a wedding insurance policy or not is a very personal decision. This will impact your budget, but it will protect you financially against any type of unforeseen disasters or accidents that may happen. A wedding is a costly venture, averaging about $25,000 or more in the United States. If you bought a new car for that amount of money, you wouldn't think of purchasing one without an insurance policy to protect your financial investment.

What Types of Wedding Insurance Policies are There?

Not everyone has such a big and expensive wedding, others choose a smaller, more intimate affair. You can certainly forgo purchasing an expensive wedding insurance policy and opt for a less expensive policy that will cover a smaller event or you can buy insurance for specific risks such as losing luggage if you are traveling to a destination wedding.

What Will the Policy Typically Cover?

Weather may be the reason your event had to be postponed. Your policy will cover the costs of rescheduling if weather, such as a flood, hurricane or blizzard interferes with your wedding day. If you or your spouse was to become ill or get injured and your wedding needed to be postponed because of that, your policy should cover that situation too. Sometimes the minister or the officiate of the wedding will fail to show up, and often wedding insurance policies will help to recoup any losses that may have incurred because of this happening.

There are other riders you can buy for your special circumstances such as if the bride or groom are in the military and they are called to active service. You can also add a rider for the cost of any damages to your wedding dress or the groom's tuxedo including protection against one of the companies going out of business.

Deciding if wedding insurance is for you is something you and your intended need to discuss before making plans for your wedding day. It can make the difference between a bride who is relaxed and protected and one who is constantly worrying about things going wrong.