What to Include in a Wedding Planning Checklist

The secret to successful wedding planning is an organized checklist. This will serve as your guide so that you can monitor the progress of your wedding preparations. However, creating a well-planned checklist can also be difficult. In order to help you get started, here are some simple tips:

When to Begin

Your wedding planning checklist should begin from the time that you announced your engagement. From there, you will build up your timeline so that you will know what things to prioritize. Start as early as a year before the set wedding date so you'll be able to plan out your wedding perfectly.

Split Up Your Tasks Throughout the Year

There are certain tasks that you need to accomplish each quarter of the year. It is natural that as the day comes nearer, more tasks are needed to be done.

First Quarter

During the first three months of your preparation, set the budget for your wedding and stick to it as this will be the basis for your entire preparations. Include in your checklist the details that take time to be accomplished like scouting for a wedding venue, booking the reception, and conferring with the officiating minister for your wedding. These details should be booked in advance so that they'll be ready for your wedding.

If you still need a couple of requirements to accomplish like birth certificates, marriage licenses, et cetera, then it should also be included in your first quarter checklist, too. Deciding on the wedding theme, drafting of guest lists, and shopping for wedding gown usually falls during this time of the wedding planning as well.

Second Quarter

On your second quarter checklist, the first thing that should be included is the entourage. Here, you need to finalize the list so that you can inform people early on as well as start looking for dresses that will be perfect for your wedding theme. This is also the time when you decide on the details of the ceremony per se like the photographer, caterer, wedding musicians, and florists.

Third Quarter

The third quarter checklist may be a little more tedious because here, you will need to finalize your guest list and order the invitations. Arranging for their accommodations should also be done during this time so that you can book hotel rooms for guests who will be flying in from different places for your wedding. Likewise, include dress fittings for the couple and the entourage in your list so you can still make necessary changes to the gowns and be ready in time for the big day. Take this opportunity to schedule a rehearsal dinner with them as well.

Part favors and wedding gifts for your partner as well as the wedding registry should also be listed in your third quarter checklist. If you are planning to take pre-nuptial photos, then this is the perfect time to schedule that too.

Fourth and Last Quarter

The last quarter checklist will include the most wearisome tasks because you are getting so close to the wedding day. The list should include finalization of every detail like the venue, dresses, invitations, decorations, food, entourage, and the wedding program. This is also the time to schedule buying of the wedding ring. The rehearsal dinner should likewise be arranged a few days before the wedding. On the last few days, make sure that you have enough rest so that you'll be beautiful on your big day.