What to Do If You Have Little Money for a Wedding

Weddings do not have to be big lavish events. A wedding is a day when two people come together to show their love for each other. It is a day when the two become one and plan to live and love each other for the rest of their lives. The one thing that you do not want to do is start a marriage with debt from a big wedding that you could not afford.

If you have little money for a wedding, you can still have a beautiful wedding and enjoy a little get together with friends and family.

Small and Intimate Weddings

If you are trying to save money on your wedding, you can have a small and intimate wedding for family and friends without spending a lot of money. You could have an outdoors wedding in your backyard or in a park. As long as the ceremony is preformed and you are married, you do not need anything special. You can have a fry out and some other foods for a dinner after the ceremony and save a great deal of money. There are always people willing to make a side dish for the reception.

Save Money by Eloping

You can combine the wedding and the honeymoon by eloping. This saves money on everything associated with the wedding. You could go to Las Vegas and marry while enjoying some good times at the casinos and the shows, or you could go to a ski resort to marry at a justice of the piece and then have the rest of the time for fun. There are many places to marry and then enjoy a honeymoon without spending so much money. However, when you get home, you might want to have an open reception for all your friends, which can cost less money than a formal reception.

Have a Reception

Many couples are finding that eloping and enjoying the honeymoon are a way to save money and then just have a causal cook out for friends and family when they return home. You could spend less then one thousand dollars having you wedding in this order. When you return home with pictures, you can have a backyard BBQ and invite everyone. You can prepare the foods yourself and the cost will only be for the foods. Entertainment could be a stereo in the background. People are going to spend more time talking than they are listening to music anyways.

If you are planning a wedding and money is an issue, you can elope, enjoy the honeymoon and then have a casual reception where you and some friends make all the foods. You could also have a park ceremony and a BBQ afterwards for the reception. Getting married does not have to cost you a fortune and put you in debt right away when you start your life together. Do what makes you happy and your friends and family will be happy as well. Friends and family are going to save money as well since they will not have to buy new clothes, get babysitters or even help pay for the wedding.