Wedding Trends for 2009

Weddings have always been trendy events, and everyone goes to great lengths to make theirs' special. However, just like anything else in life wedding trends change from year to year. So, how do you know what wedding trends for 2009 will impress your guests and which ones will flop? The simple tips below will help you stay on top of the latest wedding news.

Personalized Favors in 2009

Traditional wedding favors are no longer in now. Gone are the days when you could hand out a little bottle of bubbles or a couple of matchbooks. Now, guests look for a little bit more personalization, a human touch if you will. Wedding trends for 2009 call for wedding favors with a bit of thought.

What this means for you is that your favors should fit your wedding, and provide guests with a thoughtful gift. For example, let's say you are following the even popular “green” theme for your wedding then you might provide guests with a beautifully decorated small potted plant. Perhaps several packets of flower seeds tied in pretty tulle would serve just as well. Whatever you choose, make sure you add your own personal touch to it.

Reception Trends for 2009

Not just the wedding trends for 2009 are changing, but the reception trends as well. In the past, many weddings took place in a church, and the receptions were often held in a hall located on the grounds, or some weddings might opt for another venue where the wedding and reception could be together as well.

However, in 2009 garden and beach parties are all the rage. The green theme is increasingly popular, and carries weddings and receptions to the outdoors. This provides you with many benefits, including the use of beautifully flowering gardens and sun kissed sunsets as a backdrop to your beautiful day.

The Internet Shakes Things Up

In 2009 more than ever, the Internet is playing a role in weddings all around the world. Not only are couples turning to the Internet to announce their engagement or wedding date, but they are searching it for advice and resources as well.

Brides are able to get instant ideas and opinions from far away friends and loved ones, and they are able to look for a photographer or theme ideas at the same time. With a few clicks of a mouse you might be able to find the perfect bouquet idea for your wedding. Things have definitely gone viral for weddings in 2009.

As weddings drift farther and farther away from the old time traditions, you are in need of a way to keep with the times. Non more generic favors, or stuffy halls for your reception, and gone are the days that you licked a thousand envelopes or walked the streets for hours to get opinions and resources for your big day. The wedding trends for 2009 listed above can help you have a modern wedding that is in keeping with the current hot trends and themes.