Wedding Themes for that Special Day

Weddings are such wonderful occasions. It is a celebration of a couple's love and a symbol of the beginning of their new life together. Weddings are fun to attend, but the preparations one must go through to come up with the perfect wedding is a very long and tedious process.

Some women grow up knowing exactly what they want for their wedding day, and they do everything they can to make that dream a reality. However, for those who don't have every single detail planned yet, the first step to making the wedding of their dreams happen is to come up with a wedding theme.

The wedding theme determines all the external details of the wedding. The color of your entourage's dresses depends highly on your theme. The decorations for the venue would also depend on the theme. Even the cake and the food are inspired by the theme. Themes are important as each detail of the wedding is usually patterned after it. While some couples prefer to not stick to a particular theme, most couples prefer to have one. If you are still undecided as to what theme you want for your wedding, the following ideas may help you:

Season-Themed Weddings

A lot of couples decide to choose their wedding themes depending on the season they plan to get married. For spring and summer-themed weddings, bright colors and a lot of floral prints are a good option. Some couples that get married during the summer often opt for beach weddings as they are intimate and relaxing. Garden weddings are also ideal for spring, especially since flowers are in bloom, giving a more romantic feel to weddings.

Those who get married during fall can choose 18th century churches and even old mills and barns. Even a venue as simple as a barn can look beautiful and enticing with wreaths made of leaves and sheaths of wheat and corn.

Those who plan to get married during the winter can opt for a private club with a warm and cozy fireplace. Even if the wedding has to be indoors, the place can be embellished with ice statues and snowflakes. Weddings during the wintertime are usually very festive, with a lot of red and green.

Personality-Themed Weddings

You can choose a theme that combines your interests with your partner's. If you like the countryside, then you can choose to have a country-themed wedding. If you both love sports, then you can choose to incorporate your favorite sports to your wedding d├ęcor. There are even some couples that choose to wear costumes during their wedding out of love for comic book characters. Weddings need not be limited to dresses and tuxedos. Keep in mind that it is your day with your future spouse, so your wedding should be representative of you as a couple.

Traditional-Themed weddings

While everyone is certainly much more liberal about wedding themes these days, there are still some couples who prefer to stick to tradition. They get married in a church, with the bride dressed in a flowing conservative white dress and the groom often wearing a suit.

Whatever wedding theme you choose, make sure that both you and your partner agree to it; after all, you wedding day symbolizes the beginning of your life together.