Wedding Reception Favors

When costs do not factor into the decisions of the future bride, she can feel free to examine the most elegant wedding reception favors. When a future bride must adhere to a set budget, then she might prefer to consider some low-cost wedding reception favors. This article will offer details about both types of reception favors.

Size does not determine elegance. Even the smallest wedding reception favors can carry with them a tone of elegance. The materials in the favor can contribute greatly to its tone of elegance.

Crystal favors are elegant, and come in many shapes. A future bride might want to give her guests small crystal perfume bottles or small crystal candle holders. Still a wedding favor need not be made of crystal in order to appear elegant. Silver and porcelain favors can also supplement the elegant decorations at a wedding reception.

What sorts of porcelain and silver favors are available to the future bride? A bride with her wedding and reception in December might choose to give her guests porcelain dove ornaments. A bride with a spring or summer reception might prefer to use small, porcelain butterfly dishes

Small silver bells are commonly used as wedding reception favors. Of course a bell-shaped favor does not have to be made out of silver. Guests generally appreciate the gift of a small, gold or chrome wedding bell. Some brides use their bell-shaped favors as place card holders, with the bell handle serving as the holder for the place card.

Having familiarized the readers with many of the most elegant wedding reception favors, this article will now ask readers to look at lower cost favors. Those favors are not cheap, because they are usually personalized. They are not expensive, because they can not be described as "elegant."

One online testimony from a new bride spoke about her satisfaction with chocolate bars as favors. Those were not bars in a wrapping like that in any grocery store. They were chocolate bars with a wedding wrapping. The idea of dressing-up candy for a wedding reception did not originate in the 21st Century.

Persians have for centuries used candy at wedding receptions. They have taken coarse lace and used it to form small bags. In each of those bags they have placed hard, white candy "curls." The timelessness of that tradition allows it to be used even now, in place of, or in addition to, the chocolate bar with the wedding wrap.