Wedding Planning for the Anti-Bride

There's a long-standing assumption that every woman has dreamed about her perfect wedding since she was a little girl. While it may be true for a lot of women, there are many who don't really get into the whole "bride" hoopla. However, being an "anti bride" doesn't mean that you can't have a fun wedding.

What's an anti bride? She's nontraditional. She doesn't pore over bridal books for hours, she doesn't know the oh-so-slight differences between satin and eggshell white, and you won't find the word "obey" anywhere in her wedding vows. You wouldn't catch the anti bride in a tiara, long veil, or big fancy dress. Essentially, if you are an anti bride, you take the whole "princess" fantasy and turn it on its head. If the wedding hysteria scares you a little, you may think you're alone, but you're not. Most anti brides want to have a memorable wedding, but they want their nuptials to be perfect on THEIR terms.

Being a happy bride means that you have to be true to yourself and know what YOU want. If your mother tries to take over the wedding planning and force you to have the ceremony she wanted, or if you find yourself fielding questions about your choice in music, flowers or (gasp!) your wedding dress, you'll have to be both firm and polite.

And most of all, don't get caught up in the small stuff. No one's wedding goes perfectly! Enjoy the planning process. Have fun with it! After all, it's just one day out of your life, and you'll have the rest of your life to spend with the one you love.

If you are an "anti bride", you can rely on your closest friends. They know you and how you are, and will be a great source of support and help as you plan your perfect wedding. They'll back you up when no one else will. And they'll be there to help you keep your sanity when the wedding preparations are driving you crazy. Don't be afraid to ask for help. The key is to make sure you assign people tasks in line with their skills. For example, if you have a cousin who can sew or if your best friend is good at arranging flowers, by all means, ask them to pitch in!

You should definitely start your wedding planning well in advance. However, you shouldn't let your preparations for the big day get in the way of your daily life. If you start to feel overwhelmed, step back and take a break, or talk to someone you trust, like a friend or your church's pastor. Priests and pastors work with yet-to-be-wed couples all the time, and they understand all the stress you're going through.

Anti brides have more choices than ever. Today's weddings are about personal expression and creativity. There are a variety of caterers, tailors, and other people who will help you plan a wedding that reflects your tastes and your lifestyle. No matter if you are a bride who had the whole "princess" fantasy, or if you are a more nontraditional girl, you CAN have the wedding of your dreams.