Wedding Party Gifts

All of the members of the wedding party must attend the rehearsal dinner. They are also expected to arrive well in advance of the start of the wedding ceremony. Some of them, such as the best man, must help to prevent a sudden turn of events during either the ceremony or the reception.

Because the members of the wedding party are saddled with important responsibilities, they all deserve recognition from the bride and groom. That recognition generally takes the form of a meaningful gift. This article offers a few suggestions in regard to wedding party gifts.

Gifts for members of both the bride's and the groom's party seem more meaningful when they have been personalized. For that reason this article will focus on items that can be either engraved or embroidered.

Many variations of the embroidered bag can by used by the bride as a wedding party gift. She might, for example, want to recognize the contributions of her bridesmaids and maid of honor with embroidered handbags. An alternative choice might be embroidered toiletry bags or an embroidered wristlette bags.

A silk jewelry pouch makes a fitting and lasting wedding party gift. Still none of the bags and pouches mentioned so far could be described and 21st Century wedding party gifts. Such a gift would need to be an item that a member of the wedding party would find useful throughout the 21st Century.

A daring bride might consider putting to rest all the traditional ways to offer a "bag" as a wedding party gift. She might want to provide her attendants with a special carry-all bag. It is now possible to purchase updated shopping bags, bags that are expected to replace the disposable plastic bag. A future bride might want to have bags such as that personalized, so that they could be used as gifts.

The groomsmen are sure to hold onto meaningful engraved, wedding party gifts. Such gifts are generally made out of silver. The groom might, for example, give each of his groomsmen an engraved sport watch with a compass. A silver pocket watch also makes an excellent wedding party gift.

Some makers of wedding party gifts have chosen to offer silver money clips that have been decorated with a timepiece. The groom might elect to give that to his groomsmen, or he might feel that a simple silver money clip sends a sufficient note of thanks.