Wedding Gowns – How to Choose a Dress to Suit Your Theme

Wedding gowns come in hundreds or even thousands of different shapes, designs and sizes in order to accommodate the needs and desires of every busy bride. Choosing the perfect dress is one of the most important decisions that a bride can make for her big day and one that she has likely dreamed about for as long as she can remember. Different styles of stresses lend themselves better to certain circumstances however and all of this should be taken into account when picking the ideal dress for the occasion.

Full Cinderella Style Gowns

For those women who have always dreamed of feeling just like a princess on their wedding day, full length Cinderella style gowns may be the ideal choice. These dresses lend themselves well to indoor weddings at country clubs or churches, as their trains tend to be quite long and could potentially create a problem in an outdoor or nontraditional setting.

Sleek and Classic Dresses

Sleek form fitting full length dresses are a sophisticated approach to the special day and can make a woman appear simply elegant and chic. Whether with sleeves or without, these dresses are not long and flowing and often do not have trains, but they do accentuate a woman’s curves and lend themselves well to an outdoor theme. These can also be worn indoors by women who are going for a more simplistic and classic look without the frills.

Wedding Gowns that Pop

Sometimes, brides are in need of a dress that adds a little extra flair to the special occasion. In these instances, a wedding dress that pops with a bright burst of color may be just what the bride needs. This can be a sash, a hemming, bead work, or simply a single accent such as a flower or bow. The color tends to echo the theme and color scheme of the wedding, but draws a bit of extra attention when the bride enters the room.

Thin Flowing Dresses

Thin, wispy and flowing dresses lend themselves well to outdoor themes such as beach weddings. These dresses are accentuated by the wind blowing through them and can really give the bride that dream like quality on her special day. They are not made of heavy fabrics and often can be designed using silk. This makes them ideal for hot summer wedding days, but not so great in cool weather climates.

When you are a bride planning your big day, there are few choices that are more important than that of what dress will be worn. Choosing the perfect dress that not only makes you look beautiful but perfectly suits your theme and the occasion as well is essential to ensure you are happy with the outcome on your wedding day. The tips above can help you decide which style of wedding dress might best suit your needs for the main event.