Wedding Flowers for Every Part of the Wedding

Wedding flowers are important for your wedding even if you will only have a few. You want to have some flowers for the reception, ceremony and of course, the bouquets.

You can use flower arrangements that match the dresses and the color scheme of your wedding. You can use flowers that in season, which is cheaper, or if the flowers you want are out of season, you may have to pay quite a bit more for the flower shop to get them in for your wedding. When choosing the flowers for your wedding, remember the season and what flowers are available.

Flowers for the Season

When you are planning your wedding, you want to choose the wedding flowers to match your color scheme. You also have to remember that if your wedding is during the summer, you will have more choices of flowers. You could have orchids, Cali lilies or even roses. You can have bouquets with white Cali lilies and other flowers. Make sure that the flowers you want for your wedding are easily accessible for that season. It is easier to choose the flowers for the wedding if they are in season and readily available from the flower shop.

Out of Season Flowers

Wedding flowers can be out of season depending on when you have your wedding. If you have a winter wedding, sometimes the flowers you want may not be available. You could order them, but then the cost is going to be higher. Remember to plan your flowers selection according to what flowers are in season. If you want to be safe, after you have planned your wedding date, check to see what flowers will be available from the flower shop and then plan what flowers you will have in your wedding bouquets and at the ceremony and reception.

Flowers for the Receptions

Wedding flowers that are used at the wedding ceremony can be moved to the reception location to save money. This way, you will only need one set of flowers for both. This cuts the cost of flowers and if you are working with out of season flowers, this can be a big savings on the budget. For the reception, you only need a few flower arrangements. Therefore, if you have just three or four arrangements at the ceremony, they will do nicely at the reception. Just remember to place someone in charge of moving them.

When you are planning the wedding, make sure that you choose wedding flowers that are in season to save money. If you definitely need flowers that are out of season, then you will have to work with the flower shop that can import the flowers, but be prepared to pay more for them. Plan to use the ceremony arrangements at the reception to save some money. Whenever you can save money on the wedding flowers, you should try it. This leaves you more money for other things. Try to use flowers that are in season and save time and money.