Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

A very important decision you will make for your wedding is what florals you will be using. This is one of the most impactful aspects of your wedding. It will set the tone for how the rest of the wedding will be planned and styled and what colors will be used.

While roses might say "formal", white daisies might say "carefree". Since the days of the Romans, different flowers have had different meanings. These flower meanings are still used today as a guide for many for their nuptials.

The Meaning of Rose Wedding Flowers

There are several flowers that have one simple meaning in common, love. Despite popular myth, roses are not the only flowers that signify this meaning. Roses are one of the most popular flowers to be used in weddings. Few know that tulips also symbolize love. Tulips have increased in popularity recently, and are a lovely addition to Spring and Summer weddings. Yet another little known flower that signifies love is the globe amaranth, while the red chrysanthemum means "I love you."

Of course, love is not the only emotion appropriate to be expressed on these occasions. The emotions of happiness, faithfulness, affection, joy, and devotion are others that can be represented by flowers at a wedding. Each of these emotions have a flower that symbolizes it.

Flowers That Signify Joy

A daffodil and a gardenia both represent joy. These are both beautiful flowers that can signify how happy the two people getting married are. Your own unique wedding bouquet can incorporate several different florals, all combined to express the emotions you feel.

Affection and Happiness

Honeysuckles, pears and sorrels signify affection while yellow violets and lily of the valley express happiness.

Faithfulness and True Love

Forget-me-nots and carnations express faithfulness and true love. While blue violets and heliotrope show faithfulness. There are many many lists that will tell you the meaning of virtually every single flower on Earth. After going through these exhausting lists, it is important to go to a florist that offers fresh wedding flowers so you can ensure you like how they look in person.

Use a Professional Florist

Whether you choose to order your wedding flowers online or utilize the services of a local florist, be sure you are working with a professional. It is your special day, don't leave one of the most important aspects of it to chance. A professional will help you make decisions and show you what these florals look like in person. And, of course, they will deliver gorgeous, fresh flowers for you, that won't fall apart.