Wedding Favors for Every Wedding Theme

If you are planning a wedding and need to have a few table decorations and wedding favors for the table, you will be happy to know that there are so many wedding favors to choose from and they will fit any theme wedding you plan.

There are wedding favors for beach weddings, tropical weddings, traditional weddings, country weddings and even ethnic weddings. You can choose to have your wedding date and names on each wedding favor or even have a unique cardholder for each guest you invite to the reception dinner. There are many favors to see for your wedding day.

Unique Wedding Favors

There are drink wedding favors. These drinks in a bag have your name and wedding date on them, but you guests can just add the required liquid and have a drink on you. Then there are the golf tees and golf ball wedding favors. If you were having a country wedding, make a cowboy boot with a candle inside would make a nice table decoration and gift for your guests. There are wedding favors for just about any theme wedding you will want to have and if it is something unique, you will find some very nice wedding favors.

Theme Wedding Favors

If you have a tropical wedding theme, you will find seashell candles to decorate the tables and they make beautiful wedding favors. There are beach chairs with a place to put a place card and flavored candies in beach themed canisters. Miniature cowboy hats can adorn the tables with a place card or a candle. There are even wedding favors for fairy tale weddings and the fifties wedding themes. You can have funny wedding themes or an Irish wedding theme. You will find many gifts for the tables for just about any wedding theme.

The Traditional Theme Wedding

If you are planning a traditional wedding, you will want some wedding favors to show your appreciation to your guests. There are matchbooks, disposable cameras, picture frames, silver favors and scented candles. There are candy favors and wine stoppers. You will find many of the wedding favors for a traditional wedding theme that can be used for other themes as well. Your guests will enjoy a little keepsake of your wedding. You can use the wedding favors as table decorations and your guests can choose one that they like to take home.

Whether you are having a traditional wedding or a theme wedding, you will find some wedding favors to adorn the tables and give your guests a little keepsake of your special day. You can find unique favors or original favors, but you will always find something that you want to give to your guests and decorate the tables. There are budget wedding favors and more expensive wedding favors. You will have a hard time deciding on just one. You may want to have a few different wedding favors. Then you can have your name and wedding date on each wedding favor you choose, which will always remind your guests of your special day.