Wedding Favors and Photography

Wedding favors are a big part of the wedding reception. You can choose from hundreds of wedding favors to decorate the tables and let your guests choose what they would like as a memento from your wedding. There are personal wedding favors or there are wedding favors that your guests can use right away to create their own memories of your wedding. You can choose different little gifts for each table or you can mix and match wedding favors on each table. One very popular wedding favor is the disposable camera for photography that your guests to capture precious memories.

Wedding Favor Cameras

Not all of your guests will have a camera, but they would use one if there was one at the table. You can buy disposable cameras as wedding favors for the tables. This has become a very popular custom at weddings today. Your guests can take pictures and either gives you the camera back at the end of the night or takes the cameras home and have them developed themselves so that they have some memories of your special day. Photography is a big part of the wedding and these cameras make it possible to capture different moments. You will delight your guests when you have these little cameras on the tables.

Giving Your Guests Memories

Your guests will be delighted to take pictures and capture some moments that you might be missing as you mingle and dance with your groom. You can have a drop off box at the exit door to collect the cameras or you can let your guests keep them so that they have some memories. In most cases, your guests will send you duplicate pictures that they have taken. You will enjoy all the pictures you have taken. Photography is important to make memories you can look back at.

Funny Photography

Photography and funny happening always seem to go together at wedding receptions. Some of the funniest moments have been captured by disposable cameras that were placed on the reception tables. Grandma might be having a few too many drinks and want to dance on the bar or your dad might be a little tipsy and start singing. You can capture so many funny moments when you have a photographer at your reception and some disposable cameras. You will be excited to see the pictures developed after a night of fun.

Photography and wedding ceremonies and reception go together. If you want to give your guests something to remember the day with, a disposable camera on the tables will do it. You can find cheap wedding favor cameras that take twenty-four pictures. Your guest will enjoy having fun and taking pictures of some the things that go on at the reception. You can use these disposable cameras as wedding favors for the receptions tables mix in with other wedding favors. Four or five cameras to a few tables will produce many pictures that you might not otherwise have of the reception. After all, you cannot be in two places at the same time.