Wedding Day Weight Loss – How to Slim Down Before Your Big Day

Many women obsess about the way their bodies look on a day to day basis. This obsession becomes even more important when there is a wedding looming in the near future. Some brides go crazy trying to find ways to shed a few unwanted pounds before their big day. Wedding day weight loss is important to so many brides because it allows them to look their best in front of their friends, family members and especially their groom. Below are some ways that women can help shed some pounds before they tie the knot.

Cut Back on Calories

One of the easiest things that women can do to help lose some weight before their wedding is to consume fewer calories each day. You can lose one pound of fat for every 3500 calories that you cut from your diet or burn through exercise. That means that if you cut 500 calories per day from your diet, you will be able to shed a pound of fat each week by doing this alone. That can make a big difference when your wedding day rolls around.

Increase Your Cardio and Strength Training

If you would like to drop pounds even faster, then considering working out to burn an additional 500 calories per day and you will lose two pounds a week instead of one. This can include simple cardio exercise such as walking for an hour or more advanced techniques such as jogging or aerobic exercise classes and routines. Light strength and resistance training can help tone trouble areas such as your upper arms if you are trying to look your best in a sleeveless dress.

Join a Support Group

Sometimes your nerves will get the best of you when planning a wedding and when individuals get nervous and rushed, they often overeat or eat unhealthy foods on the go. Joining a support group that is made up of other women who want to lose weight can help keep you motivated and accountable. It is easier to reach your goals and avoid temptation when you know you have others going through the same thing with you.

Take a Class

As mentioned above, a group environment is not only supportive, but it leads to higher rates of success as well. Taking an exercise class with a group will enable you to become more competitive and to push yourself harder than you would in a private environment. This can be an especially good idea when you do not have a lot of time before the wedding and need to drop the weight as quickly as possible.

As the wedding date draws closer, many women are left wondering how they can get rid of some extra pounds as quickly and effectively as possible. The information above can help any bride get into shape and look her best for her wedding day.