Wedding Day Massage

During highly stressful situations, paying attention to your mind, body and spirit is the most important thing you can do for yourself. By getting a massage on a regular basis, starting several months before your wedding, can substantially relieve mental and physical tension.

Stress has many symptoms: headaches, anxiety, neck and backaches, nervousness, irritability, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations, and chronic fatigue. You may find yourself experiencing some of these symptoms when dealing with a tight budget, chronic delays, uncooperative vendors, and other problems that might arise.

Many massage therapists have special gift certificates for the bride, groom, and even the wedding party. They will come to your home or hotel on the morning of your wedding. One online therapist offered these prices:

  • Bride or Groom Gift Certificate provides one half hour at $70.00.
  • Bride or Groom Gift Certificate provides one hour at $90.00.
  • 1-5 members of the wedding party provides one half hour at $50.00 each.
  • 1-5 members of the wedding party provides one hour at $80.00 each.

Practitioners learn specific techniques for massage and use their sense of touch to determine the right amount of pressure to locate areas of tension and other soft-tissue problems. They may use pleasant smelling botanical oils such as rose, lavender, lemon and peppermint. These essential oils are massaged into the skin, and can affect the mood, alleviate fatigue, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

These are the physical benefits of therapeutic massage that will make you look and feel better on your wedding day:

  • Relieves stress and aids relaxation.
  • Relieves muscle tension and stiffness.
  • Promotes deeper and easier breathing.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Enhances health of the skin.
  • Improves posture.
  • Releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

Full body massage is good at any time and especially beneficial in promoting good health and relieving anxiety experienced by the bride on her wedding day.