Wedding Cake Designs – Choosing a Design for Your Wedding

Wedding cakes are by far the most delicious part of a reception. Traditionally when you think of these cakes you picture tiers of pure white icing with a cake topper. In recent years there have been a wide range of options added when it comes to wedding cake designs and couples now have many different choices when it comes to choosing the perfect dessert. Below are some of the most popular designs for reception cakes today.

The Cupcake Tower

As odd as it may sound, some people do not choose a cake for their wedding cake at all. Instead, they choose tiers of layered cupcakes that give the appearance of a cake but are available in the perfect portion for guests. The icing on these treats can be elaborate or simple, and tinted to match the colors of the wedding. This is a great option for smaller weddings and can help cut costs as well.

Mini Cakes

Another one of the most popular wedding cake designs are mini cakes. These perfectly portioned treats are just perfect for each guest, and can be displayed on their own, but are generally stacked in a boxed display. Each guest is given a box with a small little perfectly designed cake. This is a perfect choice when money is not necessary a problem and when a couple wants to make a classy and elegant statement.

Shaped or Themed Cakes

While these are actual large cakes, they are not traditionally shaped into tiers. Instead, these shaped or themed cakes can be anything. From ships to animals or even buildings, these cakes are generally chosen to tie in with the special theme of a wedding ceremony or reception and cost about the same as the traditional types of cakes.

Elaborately Decorated

For those who are looking for wedding cake design ideas that are closer to tradition with a special flair of individuality, elaborately decorated cakes may be the perfect option. These treats are generally arranged in a 2-4 tier design just as a traditional cake, but then have a multitude of personal touches added to set them apart from the rest. Whether it is the use of wacky colors for the icing, stripes, polka dots, or delicate flowers, there are a million ways to customize this type of cake to meet your needs.

Other Treats

In some cases, no wedding cake design ideas are perfect for a couple. In these instances, a couple may opt for a different type of treat for their reception. Perhaps they will have a tower of treats that is made of candy, fruit, or brownies. Chocolate fondue fountains and fudge have been popular choices in the past as well.

When you are looking at various wedding cake design ideas for your wedding, it is important to keep in mind that the choice all boils down to what you truly want. There is no right or wrong decision, and the explanation of the available choices above can help you choose the option that is best for you.