Videography Captures Precious Moments of a Wedding

Videography is something that more brides and grooms are doing to capture the live moments of their weddings and the reception. Although the ceremony is serious, there is some footage that captures the funny little things that can happen at the reception.

Some people even have interviews with family and friends talking about the joyous occasion that they have come to witness. There are many reasons to have a video of your wedding and reception. With new technology today, you can have the video shot and put on a DVD for safekeeping and viewing over and over again for years to come.

Video of the Bride

The videography of the bride will start during the hair appointment and continue throughout the day. The video will capture every moment she spends getting ready for her big day. A professional will also give you some cues when he or she is going to capture something that you do not want to be surprised about when it happens. The videography will also include some footage for the groom and groomsmen's getting ready and waiting for the ceremony to start. As you near the start of the ceremony, the videographer will move his or her equipment to the area of the church so that everything can be captured.

Video of the Ceremony

The video will be set up in a place that will allow everything to be captured on tape. Most professionals will set up a tripod with the video recorder or they will freehand the recording. If the business you have hired for as the videographer is experienced, then they will use both the tripod and the freehand method so that they can capture different angles of the ceremony. The video will capture the walk down the aisle after the ceremony and the reception line that follows.

Video of the Reception

Videography at a reception can capture more than pictures sometimes. You may not be able to see everything going on while you are busy talking with all of your guests so the video will more than likely have some scenes that you did not see. The videographer is trained to capture some moments that some people may have wished were missed. You will have a treasured memory of your wedding reception if you use the services of a videographer. Many funny moments have been seen the day after a wedding reception.

If you want to capture the live events of your wedding ceremony and the reception, you should have photography and videography. You can capture more moments with each one. The videos can be transferred to DVD so that you can keep watching for years. If you have your pictures or prints from the wedding on a disc as well, you will have a safe way to keep your memories safe for years. Instead of carrying around your wedding album, you can take the small compact case of discs wherever you go. You will be happy that you used both services for your wedding day.