Videography and the Video of Your Wedding

Videography is just another way to capture your wedding day and reception. You can hire a videographer to tape the ceremony and the reception. It is special to be able to sit down and watch your wedding ceremony over the years.

When you also have the reception taped, you will probably see some things that you may have missed. You do not have to worry about missing anything when you have videography of the entire day. You can even have the videographer follow you to the beauty salon. The videographer should be cheaper than the photographer, but whether you have a videographer or not, you still want a photographer.

Capturing the Ceremony Memories

Hearing the words and seeing how happy the two of you were the day that you exchanged your vows is heartwarming for many couples. Every year on your anniversary, you can sit together and see how much in love you were that day. You can capture video of everyone that shared the day with you. It is nice to look back and see how everyone looked that day and what they were doing the day that you got married. It is something that you can cherish for years to come.

Capturing the Reception Memories

The reception always has some funny moments and you can keep them alive for years to come. It is enjoyable to see how everyone was that night. You might see some funny little things that you would have missed. The dancing, throwing of the bouquet and the garter removal always make for some great entertainment down the road. You will always have a memory of that day, but when you have it on video; you can watch it any time you want. If you hire a videographer, you can also have them make copies for you to give to friends and family.

Copies for the Family

Most videographers will make you as many copies as you want. Videography is not as technical as photography, but it does capture more of real life happenings. You can have copies made to give to a select list or give a copy to someone that does not remember getting up on the bar and dancing. Everyone loves seeing videos of wedding after the day is over. It is known that some people have a few too many drinks and never remember some of the things they did until they see it on video. This includes the bride and groom.

When you start planning your wedding, make sure that you check into videography for your wedding as well as photography. You want to capture as many memories of your wedding day as you can. The video will be cherished just as much as the photos you have taken. You can have copies made for friends and family to give as gifts as well. Once you watch the video, you will know why it was a great idea to have someone taping the day and nights events for you to watch.