Uniquely Wonderful Wedding Cake Flavors

Cakes have always been staples in weddings, no matter what theme or motif. Yet most of the time, even the soon-to-be-wed couples don't know what they mean. History dictates that wedding cakes go as far back as the Ancient Roman Empire. Wedding cakes back then, symbolized fertility. Back then, the Ancient Romans used barley bread. The groom would break the bread over the bride's head. The breaking of the bread, which is now modernized through the cutting of the cake, symbolizes the offering of the brides virginal state to the groom.

Customs have changed and wedding cakes now come in different colors, styles, and sizes. The cutting of the cake is always a special ritual for the bride and groom, no matter what meaning they attach to it. Deliciously unique cake flavors will surely tickle their taste buds.

Fruit-based cakes like raspberry truffle cake make a very rich dessert that everyone will love. There are different variations for this cake but the primary ingredients are semi-sweet chocolate, raspberry jam, raspberry liqueur, butter, eggs, and flour. You can also use blackberry jam as an alternative or mix it with raspberry jam. The adventurous sweet tooth will certainly enjoy the moist passion fruit cake. Passion fruit lends an exotic flavor to the moist cake so you can savor its richness without getting sick of it easily.

You can also try other flavors that aren't typically found in bakeshops. The green tea chiffon cake will surely delight noses because of its refreshing fragrance. The cakes sweetness is balanced by the powdered green teas flavor. Meanwhile, the spice cake is an infusion of favorite kitchen spices. The tenderness of the cake is complemented by the kick of the spices mixture.

Alcohol is always part of weddings but there are some instances when certain people in the wedding cannot drink alcohol (e.g. expectant brides). In this case, you can incorporate the alcohol into the cake so the taste of alcohol can still be enjoyed. The tequila cake is firm yet soft. It has a delicious kick to it, especially if you use a recipe that calls for lime zest. Or, you can take the wedding champagne tradition a step further by opting for a champagne chiffon cake. The chiffon is a firm but tender cake, compact enough to be handled easily but moist enough to be devoured. It holds the flavor of the champagne very well.

Cakes with special flavors tend to be more expensive than the classic cake recipes. You can have the bottom layers of the cake in a classic favor and use the exotic flavors for the top layer instead, depending on which layer you're going to use for the cake cutting.