Unique Wedding Themes for the Unconventional Couple

Weddings are definitely one of the most memorable days in a person's life. What's great about these modern times is that a couple is no longer tied to the typical white gown-and-suit type of affair that weddings are traditionally known. Nowadays, couples can bring their personalities to their weddings to make the whole experience even more memorable and special to everyone who will be attending.

Listed below are unique wedding ideas for couples who want to go beyond the traditional style of weddings and want to put their own spin in their special day.


Seasonal themes are a favorite of outdoorsy couples. Your wedding can revolve on one of the seasons. For example, a winter-themed wedding will primarily be in white, and maybe red and green as accents, an autumn wedding can have oranges, reds, and yellows, while spring weddings can have flowers spread all over the venue. You can integrate all four seasons to create a unique setting for your wedding.


If one or both individuals who are getting married belong to a certain ethnicity, they can go back to their roots and insert that into the wedding. For example, the couple can wear the traditional attire of the people from that country, or the reception will have food that is traditionally served in the country of origin of the couple.


Whether you're having your wedding at the beach or in a hotel's function room, you can bring the beauty of Hawaii to the ceremony and/or the reception by having a luau theme. You can play traditional Hawaiian music, or even hire a band with ukuleles to set the mood. The decoration can have tiki torches, and guests can be given leis or orchids as they enter the reception area.


Have a blast from the past by having your wedding's theme follow a certain era! Have you and your guests wear the clothes that were popular during these periods. For example, an 80s-themed wedding will be all about disco, while a 30s-themed wedding will make you see your guests in zoot suits and other popular outfits during the swing era.


Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself that you want to recreate a scene, or watched a movie and thought that you want to experience that yourself? Now is your chance! A unique wedding theme can actually have books or movies as the center!

If you want to inject your personality in the wedding but don't want to go all out, don't worry, because you still make your wedding unique. Even if the ceremony remains traditional, you can have some of the decors follow a theme that you're interested in. For example, if you're a fan of music, your cake toppers can have the bride and groom figurines rocking out with their own instruments. The decoration's colors can follow the dominant color theme of the concept that you're interested in, like your favorite team's colors. Caterers can present the food in a way that follows the theme in your mind. Even the souvenirs can carry hints as to what type of theme your wedding will follow, so don't be afraid to add a little creativity and ingenuity. It's your big day, so make the most out of it!