Unique Wedding Invitations - Add a Personal Touch

We have all seen the traditional wedding invitations with their layers of envelopes and tiny tissue paper. However, what do you do if you want your wedding to be different? You could always start by coming up with unique wedding invitations that are one of a kind, and provide you with a way to personalize your big day from the very beginning.

DVD and CD Invitations

Even 85 year old women have DVD and CD players now, so why not take advantage of that fact. One way to create unique wedding invitations is to make a recorded message from both the bride and groom. In your message, you can announce your wedding day, time, and location, but you can also add in your own personal wishes for each guest to come and enjoy your big day.

You might be thinking that you would have to spend hours in front of a camera or voice recorder in order to tape hundreds of personalized messages, but that is not needed. Just like traditional invitations, you just make one message for all of the guests and address them separately. Many times you can buy solid white CD or DVD envelope cases, which would be perfect for mailing and it shouldn't cost any more than a regular invitation would.

Photo Invitations

Another popular idea for unique wedding invitations is to create a digital photo invitation. Many places will now allow you to submit a digital photo of yourself, and will insert it onto the front of an invitation and print your details on the inside. These can be beautifully decorated to match the theme or colors of your wedding as well.

Make Your Own Invitations

If you are especially crafty, then making your own invitations might be a wonderful and economic way for you to personalize your wedding from the very beginning. You can use card stock that is preprinted with the wedding details, and then decorate it with anything you like.

Some of the most popular decorating ideas incorporate silks, dried flowers, colorful fabrics, fine lines of glitter, and other beautiful accessories. Or, you can opt to follow the theme of your wedding, and use theme related accessories to decorate your unique wedding invitations.


Almost everyone has an email address that they check regularly, so why not digitalize your wedding invitations for a fast and easy alternative. There are many software programs that you can use online to create a beautiful wedding invitation that can then be sent to your entire guest list with only the click of a mouse. This idea works especially well if you have a going green theme for your wedding.

Perhaps you are worried that you will miss a guest, or that they will not check their email. You could always send a follow up invitation through the mail for guests who have not responded online.

Unique wedding invitations allow you to add a personal touch to your wedding from the very start. You won't have to mess with all of the normal formalities, and you can add some fun and flair into your invitation ideas as well.