Ideas for Unique Wedding Party Favors

Spring is when a young man's fancy turns to love or in Modern Greek "agapo." Spring is the most romantic and popular times of the year to marry your sweetheart, when all is fresh and new in the world, like dew-kissed tulips at sunrise. Spring: the season of renewal is the perfect time to make a commitment to your beloved and begin making plans to spend the rest of your lives together, as one.

Every couple secretly yearns for a perfect and elegant wedding celebration without any hiccups; a romantic, fairytale wedding, that is within the elasticity of their budget. Everything has to be just right; perfect. The flowers: fresh; the bride: stunning; the wedding favors: unique; and the table decorations: creative. Each and every one of these components should leave a lasting impression on your wedding guests long after the ceremony ends.

Wedding favors should be charming and unique and provide your guests with a feeling of awe. Wedding favors should be simple, yet elegant, leaving your guests feeling as special as you and your betrothed feel on this very special day.

Your wedding favors might include unique candle holders with Jordan almonds, wrapped exquisitely in pretty organza bags of sheer delicate pastel shades. Or perhaps you'd prefer beautiful Sweet Porcelain Roses; green leaves surrounding an assortment of fine colorful porcelain roses. These roses can also make excellent and one-of-a-kind gifts for your guests to treasure. You can accompany them with Jordan almonds embedded in wired tulle which will be displayed decoratively at the base of each stem. You may even wish to personalize these exquisite gifts with a sparkling ribbon.

Unique, ocean scented candles with an array of pretty sea shells "floating" within them, are bound to create a conversation piece amongst your guests. Even if you are nowhere near the ocean for your wedding celebration, this candle's scent will transport everyone to a romantic beach somewhere along the Greek coastline, where music plays and the breeze dances playfully to the rhythm. You can include with this beautifully aromatic gift fine heart confetti almonds with delicious chocolate centers for your guests' enjoyment.

Should you desire to present unique and unusual placing cards for your guest tables, an assortment of real jewels from the sea with potpourri in a jewel beaded organza bag may be the perfect complement to your ceremony. You can simply attach your guest's name and table number to the organza ribbon. It makes an elegant piece that will be an eye-catching addition to any wedding table decor.

Adding class to the ambience of the occasion, white remembrance envelopes presented as wedding favors will delight your guests. Remembrance envelopes made of high quality white organza tulle with exquisite white embroidered edging and coupled with a white silk flower and satin ribbon add a touch of classy elegance to the overall appearance.

Every guest will find appealing such a delicate envelope filled with sugared almonds and it would be the perfect touch to your special occasion.

Of course, no formal event is complete without the perfect table centerpiece. Imagine a Heart-Shaped Gold Wire Basket adorning the tables of your guests. Imagine further this elegant piece accompanied with silver or gold burlap bags filled with heavenly, aromatic potpourri and matching color organza bows. Each guest could select a bag of their choosing for a pretty scented keepsake as an aromatic reminder of your perfect wedding.

The final complement of the perfect wedding is the pictures taken during this most sacred of ceremonies. After the photos have been developed, a perfect after-the-event gift to the guests could be the quintessential wedding photograph framed in a beautiful bell-shaped photo frame. Styled after the Victorian era and edged with delicate pink and white rosebuds, this photo frame in the shape of a wedding bell sports a pretty bow atop of it.

You have the power to create the most perfect and elegant wedding celebration--a romantic, fairytale wedding. When a wedding must be budgeted, delivers elegance and class at a price every one can afford.