Unique Party Favors

Your party favors come in different forms, at different price rates. Though everyone gives party favors at the end of the party, you can make your guests remember your gala event with more zest and zeal by distributing unique party favors--keepsakes such as pear soap, heart shaped salt and pepper shakers.

One typical unique party favor would be Cosmo bath salts with which the guests can have a long, nice and relaxing bath with a martini gel candle. If you are having an Irish wedding, you could distribute four leaf clover soaps, sweet heart bath confetti or bridal tea bags. Other unique favors for the party might include blue Rose soap and 'pink polka dot purse' manicure set for bridal showers.

Sleek and chic leather stiletto key chains and leather handbag place cards or photo frames are wonderful unique party favors for your wedding. You just have to look for wholesalers for these items, and order them in bulk for distributing on the day of your party.

Teacups tealite candle holders and quilted purse favors having violet accents are wonderful party favors for your wedding too. You could also have candles packed for distributing on your wedding day. You could also buy unique candles like the 'pea in a pod', LOVE candles, four suits candles and to make things more special, personalized travel candles.

Gel candles are preferred as unique favor ideas for parties as they not only provide light, but function as a show piece too. The most popular type of gel candles are the elegant orchid gel candle and the merlot gel candle. You can also consider presenting the unique candle favor, 'meant to bee together' which is basically beeswax votive candles.

If you have a crowd of friends who love reading books, then presenting them bookmarks will be unique party favors for them. Besides ordinary book marks, there are the silver bookmark and the leather photo bookmark you can distribute on the party day. Another unusually, but handy gift is a plaid sewing kit; along with chrome cruise ships, leather hearts and airline luggage tags.

The list of unique favors is endless; you can make a common item unique just by personalization and customization. Personalize gift baskets, towels, linen and decorate hats and boas to fit the party theme; all these serve as unique party favors. Just use your imagination and creativity to work these party favor ideas into your budget and have a memorable party!