Unique Bridesmaid Trends of Style & Jewelry

Not all bridesmaids have the same look and styles, and brides this year are reflecting their unique personalities in their bridesmaid jewelry. There are many different ways to incorporate your various bridesmaids styles into their bridesmaids jewelry.

You may have a bridesmaid that is used to wearing big hoop earrings or bold necklaces and another that wears very tiny earrings or barely any jewelry at all. This is where selecting custom bridesmaid jewelry to match your bridesmaids personalities, style and sizes is key.

Decide on one color palate that makes sense for the color of gown your bridesmaids will be wearing. Once you have determined what color palate will work best for your wedding style, the rest is easy. Browse through the various styles of earrings, bracelets and necklaces to find exactly what each individual bridesmaid would look appropriate and comfortable in. You can choose the same necklaces for each maid and then a different pair of earrings, or select different pieces of jewelry all together for each bridesmaid. Whatever you decide, sticking with the same color palate throughout is a wonderful way to diversify while still coordinating together.

A popular trend this season is brides selecting the same style necklace for each bridesmaid and then choosing different earrings for each bridesmaids personality. This is a great gift idea to allow your bridesmaids to show their own uniqueness. Another popular trend is brides allowing bridesmaids to select their own dress styles, but keep all of the dresses the exact same color. When a bride opts to do this, the neckline styles can all be different, which is a great time to select different necklaces for each bridesmaid that compliments their own personal gown. By doing this, you are still coordinating your colors and style into the wedding, but allowing each bridesmaid to be different.

No matter what you decide to do when accessorizing your bridesmaids for your wedding, have fun with it. Your bridesmaids have been excited and planning right along with you, a gift of jewelry that compliments both their styles and personalities will be noticed and appreciated.